Cassie and Fletcher // Washington DC Photographer // Engagment Photographer

My husband and I are getting ready today to shoot a love story video for Cassie and Fletcher and it reminded me that I never blogged their engagements.

I grew up with Cassie and I always remember thinking of her as one of the most motivated and intelligent girls in my class, which was totally right. Next thing I know we are graduated and Cassie is off being amazing in lots of different places (she even lived in Turkey for a while) until she ended up in our final meeting place, Washington DC. I hadn't ever visited the nations capital until then, so I would walk around with stars in my eyes. We spent a lot of time sight seeing. My husband came along with me to help out and I'm so glad he did. 

We shot so many photos of these two my camera was worn out by the end. This session will definitely be one of my favorite memories in my life. I love this job and the opportunities it presents. So without further adieu, the most amazing engagement session of my entire life.