Mountain Wedding Shoot // How to Style a Shoot // Idaho Photographer

This summer my husband, our friend Mark, and I decided to do a styled bridal shoot in the mountains of Idaho. Being the girl of the group I was tasked with the Style portion of it. We wanted it to have a very relaxed, non traditional look so we went very simple with a gown and bouquet. I thought it might be interesting to some to know the steps I took to get it all set up.

1. Finding Models- It can get extremely difficult to find models in a small town. I lucked out with these two because they are my family. If you don't have brothers or sisters who are down to model for you then take to your social media pages and post a model call. More than likely you will get hundreds of replies from people all over your area. Ask them to send a head shot and voila, you have options.  Another option is to ask the gorgeous people you see day to day. This can be awkward because there are so many "photographers" around these days, and when you ask someone random off the street to model for you, they may not take you seriously, or worse, think you are creepy. When I find someone in town who is absolutely gorgeous I say " Hi I'm a local photographer and I'm always keeping an eye out for potential models. I think you have a great look. Here is my business card, check out my website and if I'm someone you would be interested in working with send me an email!"  This puts the ball in their court. They will check out your work to make sure you are legitimate, and more than likely they will email you. Lets face it, who doesn't want to model for free pics. 

2. Finding Vendors - I love to work with local vendors. It's a hard business these days to offer goods that have to do with weddings. The internet is the number one competitor, so if you can find a local vendor and work together to become more relevant, its a deal made in heaven. We worked with Shae's Blooms in Idaho Falls for this shoot. She made this incredible bouquet. If you are looking for a florist in Idaho Falls she has my HIGHEST recommendation. Seriously she is incredible.   Asking vendors in town is easy, dress shops, florists, cake makers, they all need photos for advertising. Ask them to contribute for the shoot in exchange for images they can use.

3. Location - We knew from the beginning that we wanted a mountain/wilderness vibe. We took off in the car and headed to the hills. You really can do no wrong in location scouting. We drove and drove, then pulled off in the middle of no where and set up camp.

Styling a shoot is no more than picking items that you would use in your dream wedding. We had so much fun shooting the photos, and making a video of it all. Thanks to all who were involved. Enough of my rambling, check out the photos.